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 TD-Shogun's deck shop

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PostSubject: TD-Shogun's deck shop   Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:11 pm

come one come all welcome to my deck shop i have decks that are fun to play and are very competitive so come get your hands on the merchandise because i am opened for business

50DMA for my machina gadget deck: very competitives and can keep up with the meta

60DMA for geargia gadgets: a deck that is a force to be reckoned with especially with the tinplate goldfish in there it can make quick xyzs even without offering and still use the geargia engine to its full potential

50DMA for my chaos machina deck: has no traps but it can take advantage of that with draw power from dekoichi and make powerful level 7 synchros also because i have no traps you can use tragoedia to its fullest considering the deck focuses on draw power and hand advantage

also for only 10DMA i will help you fix up any deck that you desire and depending on the build it will take a short time or will take a few days to get it consistant just send me a pic of your deck in a reply to this topic and i will pm you the complete deck once im done

so come on you know you wwant to Very Happy

picture it my path to victory has been decided
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TD-Shogun's deck shop
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