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 Eragons Deck Shop :D

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Asguardian Commander

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PostSubject: Eragons Deck Shop :D   Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:21 pm

Blackwings- 3000- Great For synching! lots of fun

Disastor Dragon- 3000 - Great for fusion and Synching!

Wind-Up- 2050. I love this list! SO much fun!

Gusto- 2000- Fun decK! great for grave users and overlay!

X sabers- 2100- Excellent deck! Will work. Must be logical!

PowderPuff- 2000- These cute fellas will make any guy mad! Fun deck!

Random Exodia!- 2000- Exoida/stall/burn! Really funny! fun deck!

Scraps- 3500 - This deck rocks! Easy Synch! Excellent Strategy!

Six Sams- 4000 - These powerhouses will rock the house!

Infernitites- 4000- The newest addition to the team, i love their tenasity!

Hero Beasts- 3050 - Great atk power, strong in any duel!

Dark worlds- 3250 - Amazing deck. Has amazing counter strategy and produces wins

Twilight- 2050 - Geat deck. Solid.
Wind-Up - 2750 - A different Version and variation of the ones Above. Very fun, fun deck!

Gravelefics-3000- SOLID deck.

Physic scrap-2500- SOLID deck.

Rock stun-2205- Great deck.

Evolunkbbitbeasts!- 2500 Great deck.

Chaosplantombieordics!-2000 AWESOME deck!!

FROGCHINARCHS!-SOLID! deck. Almost always a win. 10000 TP(ik alot, but worth it)

*These decks Are original ideas and must stay that way, these are not meant to be re-sold*

Also for 1000-2000 dp, i will look over any deck and help rebuild or re shape.

Thanks! And lets duel!!

For a small fee of 500-1000 dp, I can show you the way around the lists. some of them take a little bit of time to master.!

I can create a special deck if you so chose. the price will depend on the deck.

P.S........secrect scraps=10000
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Eragons Deck Shop :D
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