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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:13 pm

Rule 1. Always listen to the admins and moderators. The admins have authority over the mods, so if a mod says "Hey, do X" and an admin says "Hey, do Y", You better do Y.

Rule 2. Don't be a dick. Nobody likes a dick. And we like to ban dicks.

Rule 3. Don't post porn, we like the academy to stay up.

Rule 4. Don't advertise other academies, i'll mess you up.

As to swearing, normal users can swear, but some admins don't like it.

I don't really care, just don't swear at me.

Regarding admins and mods, they can say whatever they want, because what can you do to stop them Razz

If you think an admin is doing a bad job feel free to let me know, me and Eragon love to demote people.

Happy academy days.
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Academy Rules
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